Steve Wellens
Music Music Files:
MIDI Size Date MP3 Size Notes
Cliano 20K 2024-02-27 Cliano 4.3M  
BiMelody 21K 2023-03-20 BiMelody 4.3M  
Geiger Counter 19K 2020-10-13 Geiger Counter 4.3M  
Harmon Ica 20K 2020-04-01 Harmon Ica 4.5M  
Upbeat Blues 28K 2019-10-15 Upbeat Blues 5.0M  
Palpable 22K 2019-06-19 Palpable 4.3M  
Really 18K 2019-03-16 Really 4.4M  
Go to Sleep 7K 2018-09-15 Go to Sleep 3.1M  
Grinder 14K 2018-04-16 Grinder 4.6M  
Solstice 14K 2017-12-21 Solstice 4.3M  
Look At The Ball 18K 2017-11-14 Look At The Ball 4.4M  
Clarity 17K 2017-05-05 Clarity 4.3M  
Mosaic 23K 2017-04-04 Mosaic 4.3M  
Fifty-One 27K 2016-06-15 Fifty-One 4.8M This one turned out OK.
Snow Fall 14k 2015-11-01 Snow Fall 4.1M  
Saga 32k 2015-08-24 Saga 5.2M  
Flax Seed 23k 2015-04-02 Flax Seed 5.1M  
Ivy 19K 2014-12-09 Ivy 4.9M  
Miles to Go 36K 2014-07-15 Miles to Go 4.5M  
FugueZilla 25K 2014-01-21 FugueZilla 3.9M  
Back Beat City 24K 2013-05-28 Back Beat City 4.0M  
Papillion 22K 2012-12-11 Papillion 4.6M  
Goliath 22K 2012-10-01 Goliath 4.3M  
Beat Market 25K 2012-03-01 Beat Market 3.8M  
Jaque Hammer 38K 2011-07-08 Jaque Hammer 3.8M  
Thaw 19K 2011-02-23 Thaw 3.6M  
Dingle Berry 19K 2010-10-15 Dingle Berry 3.1M  
Extrusion 23K 2010-03-25 Extrusion 3.7M  
Resolution 16K 2009-03-08 Resolution 3.2M Not the worst song I've ever written.
Jango 32K 2007-07-18 Jango 2.9M  
Dream Walk 22K 2007-03-25 Dream Walk 3.5M  
Smooth Sailing 41K 2007-01-10 Smooth Sailing 3.9M  
Vee Three 28K 2006-04-06 Vee Three 3.0M  
Smooth Loui 36k 2005-11-22 Smooth Loui 3.1M  
The Back Nine 35K 2005-01-18 The Back Nine 3.8M I reckon I'm pass the halfway point
Sun Shine 47K 2004-08-26 Sun Shine 3.1M  
Three Brass Rings 37K 2003-11-16 Three Brass Rings 4.9M  
Sand In the Glass 47K 2003-06-11 Sand In the Glass 4.3M  
Rocket Dog 47K 2003-02-23 Rocket Dog 3.8M  
Sax Appeal 36K 2003-01-25 Sax Appeal 4.5M  
It's all Good 25K 2002-11-20 It's all Good 6.3M  
It's a Party 32K 2002-08-31 It's a Party 3.4M  
Cross Country 28K 2002-01-04 Cross Country 4.1M  
Day After Day 22K 2001-12-01 Day After Day 3.9M Ennui
Shot Glass 33K 2001-05-20 Shot Glass 4.8M  
Not For Jane 18K 2001-03-16 Not For Jane 4.3M  
Funky Turkey 32K 2000-12-11 Funky Turkey 4.7M  
Hot and Cold 40K 2000-10-10 Hot and Cold 4.6M  
The Dancers 28K 1998-02-23 The Dancers 5.0M  For Jeanne and Jackie
Grit 35K 1998-02-09 Grit 4.4M  
Ghost Dancer 20K 1998-02-02 Ghost Dancer 4.3M  
Highway 54 32K 1998-01-30 Highway 54 4.1M 5/4 Time Signature
Cold Winter 13K 1998-01-17 Cold Winter 5.9M I live in Minnesota
Mr. Bass 34K 1998-01-04 Mr. Bass 4.7M  
(It's cold outside)
17K 1997-12-24 SHUT THE DOOR
(It's cold outside)
Trumpet Waltz 28K 1997-12-14 Trumpet Waltz 5.5M  
Autumn Ride 19K 1997-10-25 Autumn Ride 3.8M  
Fall Funk 26K 1997-09-15 Fall Funk 3.8M  
Mouse with Wings 29K 1997-02-28 Mouse with Wings 3.5M a.k.a. Might Mouse
Soliloquy 2K 1996-12-22 Soliloquy 2.0M Slow (really slow)
Class Clown 11K 1996-11-15 Class Clown 4.1M String Quartet Attempt
Rhythm1 26K 1996-10-15 Rhythm1 3.5M  
Ice at Dusk 11K 1996-01-27 Ice at Dusk 2.1M  
March of the Contractors 12K 1996-01-10 March of the Contractors 2.2M My first MIDI song.

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