Steve Wellens' Links Page

Favorite Videos

J & K Wedding Video
A typical wedding in St. Paul Minnesota
You will not be able to sit still.
Kacy Catanzaro
A great athelete.
Savannah's First Deer Hunt
She is SO happy.
Northern Soul Shuffle
Wow! This girl can dance!
Hot Crazy Matrix
A Man's Guide to Women


Capitalism versus Socialism
A picture is worth a thousand words.
ASP.NET Forums
I'm a moderator and "All Star" member here (my user ID is SGWellens).
Connection Strings
Connection strings for SQL Server, Oracle, Text Files, Excel spreadsheets, etc.
CSS Zen Gardens
A demonstration of the amazing things that can be done with CSS.
.Net Book Zero
A free C#/.Net book for beginners from the Great Charles Petzold.

Free Utilities

GPX Creator
A utility I authored to send addresses to USB connected GPS devices.
Screen Hunter
Screen capture rectangles, windows or the whole screen.
This site has a great free tool for building XPath Expressions (XPath Builder).
This site has a great free tool for building Regular Expressions (Expresso).
This site has a great free tool for comparing files and directories (WinMerge).
Christian Maas
This site has a great free hex editor (XVI32).
jQuery Selector Tester and Cheat Sheet
A page I authored that tests jQuery Selectors and has a jQuery Selector Cheat Sheet.
jQuery AJAX Calling WebService Code Builder
A page I authored that generates jQuery AJAX code to call Web Services.


GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program
An extremely powerful free image editor.
Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional
This book is an excellent way to learn GIMP.
Blender: Free Open Source 3D Content Creation Suite
3D Modeling, rendering, animation. Not for the weak of heart.
Davinci Resolve: A fantastic free movie creator/editor
This is what the big studios use for Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Titanic, etc.

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