CompassEndWell Software's GPX Creator


One of my favorite hobbies is going to estate sales. Years ago, I would get the Estate Sale addresses out of a newspaper and then tediously and manually plot a trip. Getting a handheld GPS unit (A Garmin nuvi) changed all that. I could visit an estate sale web site and launch map pages from there. There was a browser plugin called Garmin Communicator that sent the addresses from the map pages directly to the GPS via a USB cable. It was awesome.

Then Google Maps and MapQuest pulled support for the plugin.

So, I wrote a small program to replace the functionality. You paste in addresses (with latitude and longitude) from the map pages and it will create a GPX file that you can send to a USB connected device. Or, you paste in an address and click the button "Get Lat, Lng from Web". I hope someone else finds this useful.


Screen Shot (with a few WayPoints)

GPX Creator

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